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Service Fees

R&B Service Fees

Results You Should Expect!

Learn about the service fees charged by R&B Metal Structures for metal building sales, installation, and financing. Our fees are transparent and competitive, and we offer a variety of financing options to fit your budget.

Ensuring your project is completed efficiently, and to your satisfaction, is always our #1 Goal.

Our streamlined processes, and personalized service, were developed to provide you with a positive experience from concept to completion! 

Service Fees

  • Re-Delivery or Trip Fee $150
  • Carrying Material $150 For First 50 yds
  • Restocking Fee 30% Of The Building Subtotal
  • Rescheduling Fee 10% Of The Building Subtotal
  • Deck/Dock Fee $400
  • Build Over Fee $150
  • Cut Posts Onsite (up to 12') $15 Per Post
  • Connection Charge $100
  • Safe Site Charge 15% Of The Building Subtotal
  • Lift/Labor Charge (over 30' wide & 9'-14' tall $1,120
  • Lift/Labor Charge (Over 15'-20' tall) $2,800

30% of the building subtotal

In order to offer efficient and effective installation services, a restocking fee will be charged to the customer(s) any time a scheduled installation is cancelled at the time of installation (E.G. No access to the jobsite, invalid address, install site not ready, etc.)

The restocking fee does not apply when the rescheduling or cancellation is the fault of R&B Metal Structures or our installers. The chart below can help give you a good idea of when restocking fee is, or isn’t charged.


R&B Metal Structures HQ

We hope you’re excited for your new metal building! We’re grateful for your business, and our sales professionals and customer service reps are available to help you throughout the process.
If you need further assistance, please reach out to us by clicking the button below!

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